Software for Digital Coincidence Doppler Broadening Setup


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An advanced digital measurement system for Coincidence Doppler broadening (CDB) technique is presented. Traditional CDB setups are based on shaping amplifiers and multi parameter multi-channel analyzers (MCA). We replaced them by 14-bit data acquisition card (DAQ). Replacing multi-parameter MCA by DAQ was realized also by several groups before, but in our setup the signal shaping tasks are performed digitally by software in a personal computer. Signals from high purity (HP) Ge detectors are sampled at preamplifier outputs. Pulse shaping is realized by a trapezoidal filter.



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Jozef Krištiak, Jan Kuriplach and Pradeep K. Pujari




M. Petriska et al., "Software for Digital Coincidence Doppler Broadening Setup", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 733, pp. 318-321, 2013

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November 2012




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