Color Chart for Thin SiC Films Grown on Si Substrates


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In this paper, a color chart was defined for thin SiC films grown on Si substrates. For SiC films thinner than 500 nm, the surface color was observed using an optical microscope with the incident light normally illuminated on the SiC surface. An image of the surface was then taken by a camera attached to the optical microscope and the surface color was defined using RGB code. For SiC films thicker than 500 nm, the image taken by the camera did not represent the real color of the SiC film. Therefore, for these thicker SiC films, the colors were defined by observing the films under daylight fluorescent lighting by naked eyes. It was found that the colors of the SiC films vary periodically as the thickness increased. No color saturation was found for SiC films up to 1185 nm thick.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 740-742)

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Alexander A. Lebedev, Sergey Yu. Davydov, Pavel A. Ivanov and Mikhail E. Levinshtein




L. Wang et al., "Color Chart for Thin SiC Films Grown on Si Substrates", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 740-742, pp. 279-282, 2013

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January 2013




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