Photoluminescence of 8H-SiC


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8H-SiC epilayers grown on small 8H-SiC Lely platelets are investigated optically using photoluminescence spectroscopy. At low temperature the near band gap emission detected in the 2.78 to 2.67 eV range contains sharp lines associated to nitrogen-bound-exciton recombination. Three different no-phonon lines are detected accompanied by their phonon replicas. Free-exciton replicas are also observed which allows the determination of the excitonic band gap. The binding energy of the bound excitons can thus be determined and the ionization energies of the three nitrogen levels in 8H-SiC are estimated and found to be rather shallow compared to the values for other hexagonal polytypes. Additional bound-exciton lines are observed when the experimental photoluminescence temperature is increased.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 740-742)

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Alexander A. Lebedev, Sergey Yu. Davydov, Pavel A. Ivanov and Mikhail E. Levinshtein




A. Henry et al., "Photoluminescence of 8H-SiC", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 740-742, pp. 347-350, 2013

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January 2013




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