Electrophysical and Optical Properties of 4H-SiC Irradiated with Xe Ions


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A comparative research of the cathodoluminescence and electrical characteristics of the samples 4H-SiC irradiated with high energy Xe ions (167 MeV) in wide range fluencies 4x109 –1x1011 cm-2 at temperatures 250C and 5000C are presented. After irradiation these samples were thermal annealed at 5000C for 30 min. Far-action effect at a depth of more than one order of magnitude of stopping distance was observed under Xe ions irradiation in 4H-SiC. An increase of the ion Xe fluencies increased the concentration of radiation-induced defects that resulted in rise of the compensation effect of conductivity in samples. Irradiation of 4H-SiC by Xe ions at 5000C was accompanied with "dynamic annealing" some low-temperature radiation-induced defects, which led to a partial recovery of the electrical characteristics of devices. The thermal annealing of irradiated samples led to additional partial annealing of radiation defects, which increases the radiation resource of devices based on 4H-SiC.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 740-742)

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Alexander A. Lebedev, Sergey Yu. Davydov, Pavel A. Ivanov and Mikhail E. Levinshtein




N. Chuchvaga et al., "Electrophysical and Optical Properties of 4H-SiC Irradiated with Xe Ions", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 740-742, pp. 625-628, 2013

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January 2013




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