Analysis of Density and Mechanical Properties of Iron Powder with Upper Relaxation Assist through High Velocity Compaction


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For producing higher density PM parts a new method, High-Velocity Compaction process with additional upper relaxation assist (URA) device is presented in the paper. Using zinc stearate as a die wall lubricant, iron powder was pressed with and without upper relaxation assist device of mass 0.14 Kg focusing to investigate the density and mechanical properties. To explain a compaction process in loading stage a conservation of momentum principle has been introduced during collision of hammer, upper piston and upper relaxation assist device in die compaction. To observe the morphological characteristics and mechanical properties, a scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and computer controlled universal testing machine were used. The experimental results showed that the samples compacted with URA device had an improved green density and mechanical properties compared to the samples compacted in the absence of URA device.



Edited by:

Yafang Han, Xuefeng Liu and Guanghong Lv




D. F. Khan et al., "Analysis of Density and Mechanical Properties of Iron Powder with Upper Relaxation Assist through High Velocity Compaction", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 749, pp. 41-46, 2013

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March 2013




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