Recrystallization of Cold-Rolled Zr Single Crystals


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Recrystallization of rolled Zr single crystals is considered in comparison with analogous recrystallization processes in rolled coarse-grained iodide Zr and polycrystalline plates of commercially pure Zr. Diffractometric X-ray methods were used by texture and X-ray line profile measurements. The treatment of obtained data included construction of correlation diagrams, connecting as-rolled and recrystallized conditions of samples. A number of recrystallization mechanisms, operating in rolled α-Zr under annealing, were revealed on the basis of found regularities of texture changes.



Edited by:

Matthew Barnett




M. Isaenkova et al., "Recrystallization of Cold-Rolled Zr Single Crystals", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 753, pp. 275-278, 2013

Online since:

March 2013




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