Modelling of the Effects of Entrainment Defects on Mechanical Properties in a Cast Al-Si-Mg Alloy


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Entrainment defects such as double oxide films and entrapped bubbles occur frequently in aluminium alloy castings during the mould-filling process, and are very detrimental to both mechanical properties, and reproducibility of casting properties. In this study a modelling algorithm was used to predict the formation and distribution of entrainment defects in Al-Si-Mg alloy castings. The tensile strength of cast test bars was compared with either the number of defects, or the defect concentration within the bars obtained from the simulation. A general relationship between the mechanical strength of the cast test bars and the quantity of estimated defects was apparent.



Edited by:

Ian Stone, Brian McKay and Zhongyun Fan






Y. Yue et al., "Modelling of the Effects of Entrainment Defects on Mechanical Properties in a Cast Al-Si-Mg Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 765, pp. 225-229, 2013

Online since:

July 2013




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