Intelligentized Technologies for Welding Manufacturing


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This paper presents some newest and potential developments on artificial intelligent technologies for welding manufacturing process in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), which contains multi-information acquirement and fusion processing of arc welding dynamical process; Intelligent computing for welding process; Intelligent control methods for welding process and quality control; artificial intelligent technologies for welding robot systems and robotic welding process; and some application in welding engineering. The ideas of intelligentized welding manufacturing technology (IWMT) and intelligentized welding manufacturing engineering (IWME) are presented in this paper for systematization of intending researches and applications on intelligentized technologies for modern welding manufacturing.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 773-774)

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A. Kiet Tieu, Hongtao Zhu and Qiang Zhu






S. B. Chen et al., "Intelligentized Technologies for Welding Manufacturing", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 773-774, pp. 725-731, 2014

Online since:

November 2013




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