Mechanical Properties of the Heat Affected Zone of an X100 Grade Pipeline Steel


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The microstructure and mechanical properties of an X100 grade pipeline steel were investigated by the thermal simulation tests performed on a Gleeble-3500 thermal simulator. The results show that the steel has excellent weldability. Even if the weld heat input gets 40 kJ mm-1, the low impact toughness energy in welding coarse grain heat affected zone (CGHAZ) is still higher than 200 J. Yet, an embrittlement zone emerges in inter-critical HAZ (ICHAZ) at the peak temperature of 750 °C, and the lowest strength appears in fine grained HAZ (FGHAZ) at the peak temperature of 950 °C. Moreover, the strength and toughness decrease with the increase of heat input.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 773-774)

Edited by:

A. Kiet Tieu, Hongtao Zhu and Qiang Zhu




G. Y. Qiao et al., "Mechanical Properties of the Heat Affected Zone of an X100 Grade Pipeline Steel", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 773-774, pp. 795-802, 2014

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November 2013




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