Static Grain Growth in an Austenitic Stainless Steel Subjected to Intense Plastic Straining


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The post-dynamic recrystallization of an ultrafine grained 304-type austenitic stainless steel was studied during annealing at 800 and 1000°C for 7.5 to 480 minutes. The initial ultrafine grained microstructures have been developed by continuous dynamic recrystallization during isothermal multidirectional forging to a total strain of ∼4 at temperatures ranging from 500 to 800°C. The post-dynamic recrystallization involves a rapid softening at early stage of annealing followed by a sluggish decrease of hardness upon further annealing. A transient recrystallization at early annealing stage results in somewhat heterogeneous microstructures in the samples subjected to previous deformation at relatively low temperatures of 500-600°C. This structural heterogeneity disappears with increasing the annealing time. Commonly, the post-dynamic recrystallization behavior can be considered as a kind of continuous recrystallization.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 783-786)

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B. Mishra, M. Ionescu and T. Chandra




M. Tikhonova et al., "Static Grain Growth in an Austenitic Stainless Steel Subjected to Intense Plastic Straining", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 783-786, pp. 1021-1026, 2014

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May 2014




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