Effects of Mn, Si and Cr Addition on the Spheroidization of Cementite in Hypereutectoid Fe-1mass%C Steel


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Effect of Mn, Si and Cr on spheroidization of cementite in Fe-1mass%C steel has been investigated over a range of austenitizing temperatures. In Fe-1C steel, a fully spheroidized structure is obtained but some large cementite particles are formed. The addition of 1.5 mass% Si or Cr accelerates spheroidization of cementite. An addition of Cr remarkably refine the cementite particle size, but the influence of Si addition on the cementite particle size is not remarkable. A fully spheroidized structure fails to develop in steel with the addition of 1.5% Mn under the condition used in present study. Some lamellar cementite still exist in the 1.5Mn steel. The pearlite-promoting effect of Mn is possibly attributed to the inhomogeneous distribution of cementite particles during the intercritical austenitization.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 783-786)

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B. Mishra, M. Ionescu and T. Chandra




G. H. Zhang et al., "Effects of Mn, Si and Cr Addition on the Spheroidization of Cementite in Hypereutectoid Fe-1mass%C Steel", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 783-786, pp. 1053-1057, 2014

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May 2014




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