Fabrication of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films by Sputtering from a Single Quaternary Chalcogenide Compound


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Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films were fabricated by one-step RF magnetron sputtering of a single quaternary Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) chalcogenide target on Mo/soda lime glass substrate, followed by post sulfurization using S vapor obtained from elemental S powders. The films were thermally annealed in Ar atmosphere to improve the crytallinity. The sulfurization temperature was fixed at 550°C. Both as-deposited and post-sulfured samples are close to the stoichiometric composition, meanwhile without any second phase was detected by XRD. As-deposited film has a compact columnar grain characteristic. Although crystallinity was improved with increasing annealing time, this characteristic disappeared after post-sulfured.



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Yafang Han, Ying Wu and Xinqing Zhao




J. S. Wang et al., "Fabrication of Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Films by Sputtering from a Single Quaternary Chalcogenide Compound", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 787, pp. 31-34, 2014

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April 2014




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