Structural and Chemical Characterization of Metals, Alloys and Compounds II

Volume 793

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: B. Vargas-Arista, M.A. Gómez-Morales, E. Garfias-García, F. García-Vázquez

Abstract: Two fractured pins of impact wrench were evaluated by fractography using scanning electron microscopy. This pneumatic wrench is used to the...

Authors: F. García-Vázquez, H.M. Hernández-García, B. Vargas-Arista, A. Aguirre, E.E. Granda-Gutiérrez

Abstract: Among the different surface treatments used to improve the wear resistance of metallic materials, plasma transferred arc (PTA) is an...

Authors: Ivanovich Estrada-Guel, Caleb Carreño-Gallardo, Roberto Martínez-Sánchez

Abstract: This study deals with the production of some Al-SiO2 composites and the evaluation of milling intensity over the distribution of...

Authors: C. Patiño-Carachure, J. Luis López-Miranda, F. de la Rosa, M. Abatal, R. Pérez, G. Rosas

Abstract: In this investigation the Al64Cu24Fe12 alloy was melted in an induction furnace and solidified under normal...

Authors: Ares G. Hernández-Torres, F. Mares-Briones, J.R. Romero-Romero, G. Rosas

Abstract: Al based intermetallic materials are commonly susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement reaction. Water vapor in the air reacts with the...

Authors: C.A. León-Patiño, D. Ramírez-Vinasco, E.A. Aguilar-Reyes

Abstract: This work involves the preparation of Cu-Al-SiC composite powders by a high-energy milling process and the study of their densification...

Authors: S. Capula-Colindres, K. Aguir, F. Cervantes-Sodi, L.A. Villa-Vargas, Vicente Garibay-Febles

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes (CNT) based gas sensors have attracted interest due to their excellent properties. Several studies have reported changes in...

Authors: Gerardo Terán Méndez, Rubén Cuamatzi-Meléndez, Apolinar Albiter Hernández

Abstract: This paper presents experimental research work on the combination of grinding and wet welding techniques to repair T-welded connections...

Authors: Brenda Trejo-Atecas, Ricardo Orozco-Cruz, Antonio Contreras-Cuevas, Ricardo Galván-Martínez

Abstract: This paper presents an electrochemical characterization of X60 steel corrosion using polarization curves. In order to get a surface...


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