Eco-Materials Processing and Design XV

Volume 804

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Assayidatul Laila, Makoto Nanko

Abstract: The upgrade recycling process of cast-iron scrap chips toward β-FeSi2 is regarded as an eco-friendly and cost-effective...

Authors: Hitoshi Abe, Makoto Nanko, Masato Kato, Shun Hirooka

Abstract: Two-step sintering with controlled oxygen partial pressure by using metallic buffer was applied to obtain dense non-stoichiometric...

Authors: Yea Seul Kim, Woo Keun Lee

Abstract: Significant amounts of fluorescent light have been discarded every year. Mercury is released into the atmosphere in the recycling process of...

Authors: Yeong Geum Son, Woo Keun Lee

Abstract: In this work, pastes were prepared from slag and MSWI bottom ash by geopolymer technique. And its physical property was evaluated with...

Authors: Seung Gu Kang, Manh Yong Han, Yu Na Lee

Abstract: The FRP(fiber reinforced plastics) spacer was fabricated to enhance the heat blocking and mechanical properties of insulating glass for...

Authors: Mi Seong Gwon, Bo Rae Kwak, Dae Won Park, Man Sig Lee

Abstract: Recently the wind power was customized to offshore due to more abundant wind than onshore. Transformer is a multi-terminal electrical device...

Authors: Man Sig Lee, Bo Rae Kwak, Jae Ho Baek, Mi Seong Gwon, Seung Hyun Hur

Abstract: Due to changing of wind power from on-shore to off-shore, it is necessary to eco-friendly features but also insulating characteristics. The...

Authors: Min Jung Kang, Cheol Hee Kim

Abstract: Magnesium alloys have recently attracted increased attention as structural materials owing to their low specific gravity. However, they must...

Authors: Sen Liang, Min Luo, Yuan Yun Dou, Lei Guo, Bin Liang, Hai Bo Li, Jin Li

Abstract: In this study, nitrogen doped graphene (NG) was prepared by using hydrothermal treatment of graphene oxide (GO) and ethylene diamine (EDA)....


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