Mathematical Simulation of Thermal and Moisture Gradients in Ceramic Blocks


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Temperature and moisture substantially affect the water elimination procedure, occurring in the drying stage, of ceramic blocks used in building construction. In the present work, a modeling of the thermal gradients and moisture content during the drying process of red clayey ceramic blocks was analyzed using computer simulation by means of Mathematica® software program. Results of two-dimensional thermal gradients and variation of moisture content were predicted. This revealed that regions next to the vertices of prismatic ceramic blocks are more susceptible to structural damage due to development of cracks and deformations.



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Ulisses Soares do Prado




O. del Puppo Pereira Fernandes et al., "Mathematical Simulation of Thermal and Moisture Gradients in Ceramic Blocks", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 820, pp. 474-479, 2015

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June 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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