Effect of Bulk Potential Engineering on the Transport Properties of SiC MOSFETs: Characterization and Interpretation


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The effect of bulk potential engineering on the transport properties in the channel of SiC MOSFETs has been studied. For this purpose, n-channel SiC MOSFETs have been manufactured with different background doping concentrations and characterized electrically at room temperature by current-voltage as well as by Hall-effect measurements. To interpret the measurements performed, numerical simulations have been carried out using Sentaurus Device of Synopsys. The main finding of the simulation analysis is that the change in the depth of the band-bending has to be considered to explain the doping dependence of SiC MOSFET characteristics.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 821-823)

Edited by:

Didier Chaussende and Gabriel Ferro




V. Uhnevionak et al., "Effect of Bulk Potential Engineering on the Transport Properties of SiC MOSFETs: Characterization and Interpretation", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 821-823, pp. 737-740, 2015

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June 2015




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