Evaluation of the Influence on the Living Body as a New Transdermal Therapeutic System Magnetic Nanoparticles


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As a delivery carrier, the nanoparticles are broadly applied in various fields for excellent infiltration characteristics. In recent years, there has been new rearch was investigated in the medical area, but the research of influence on a living body is seldom studied. In this study, the influence on the living body as new transdermal carrier system using magnetic nanoparticles was investigated. The application of magnetic nanoparticles coated medication on the mice model investigated that the effect of treatment on the atopic dermatitis. The skin tissues were stained, and the section of skin tissues was observed by the optical Microscope. In vivo efficacy studies in mice model revealed highly efficient improvement of AD-like skin lesions. Furthermore the magnetic nanoparticles are useful as novel delivery drug carrier via human dermal papilla cell experiment. The results indicated that the magnetic nanoparticles are useful as new the transdermal carrier , and it proved that it is a highly efficient system useful as novel medicine delivery system.



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Xiaopeng Xiong and Ran Zhang




G. An et al., "Evaluation of the Influence on the Living Body as a New Transdermal Therapeutic System Magnetic Nanoparticles", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 833, pp. 75-78, 2015

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November 2015




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