Integrated Solenoid Inductor with [FeCoSiN/SiNx]18 Multilayer Magnetic Film for GHz Applications


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In this work, we explored the solenoid inductor integrated [FeCoSiN/SiNx]18 multilayer magnetic film as magnetic core used in GHz range. The multilayer magnetic film was employed due to its high resistivity and excellent soft magnetic properties even in GHz range. It was found that this magnetic core material can dramatically increase the performance of the solenoid inductor, which presenting a 10-fold improvement in the inductance and a 23-fold enhancement in the quality factor at 1.67 GHz in comparison to those of the air core solenoid inductor. Besides, an inductance density of 27 nH/mm2 and a self-resonant frequency of 3 GHz were also achieved. The results indicated that the solenoid inductor with multilayer magnetic core showed good high frequency characteristics.



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Xiaopeng Xiong and Ran Zhang




L. Xu et al., "Integrated Solenoid Inductor with [FeCoSiN/SiNx]18 Multilayer Magnetic Film for GHz Applications", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 833, pp. 85-89, 2015

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November 2015




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