Optical Monitoring and Diagnostics of SLM Processing for Single Track Formation from Co-Cr Alloy


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The article presents a study of selective laser melting process (SLM) namely a study of stable track formation by the example of Co-Cr alloy. The characterization of the main process factors, which have an influence on the parts’ functionality, is developed. The experimental work for the research of two main factors as laser beam power and scanning speed showed the technological gaps for the formation of the stable tracks. The characterization of the non-stable single tracks’ defects is established. The new data about the main physical effects in the treatment zone is received by optical diagnostics of the process.



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S.N. Grigoriev




I. V. Zhirnov et al., "Optical Monitoring and Diagnostics of SLM Processing for Single Track Formation from Co-Cr Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 834, pp. 51-60, 2015

Online since:

November 2015




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