Modeling the Effect of Beam Shaping at Selective Laser Melting


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The influence of the laser-beam radial distribution of the energy flux density is theoretically studied for the Gaussian distribution (mode TEM00), and doughnut distribution of TEM01* mode for the values of the Peclet number from 0 to 3. The model of linear thermal conduction in the target indicates that profile TEM00 is the best for thermo-activated treatment processes that can be accomplished in a wide temperature range and profile TEM01* can be advantageous for a narrow range of the permissible processing temperature. If the phase transitions of melting/solidification and evaporation are included into the model, the estimate of the width of the laser-treated band is reduced but the tendencies predicted by the linear model are not changed.



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S.N. Grigoriev




C. E. Protasov and A. V. Gusarov, "Modeling the Effect of Beam Shaping at Selective Laser Melting", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 834, pp. 85-92, 2015

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November 2015




* - Corresponding Author

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