Hot Forming Process Analysis of Ti6Al-4V Alloy: Experiment, Behaviour Modelling and Finite Element Simulation


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The present investigation aims at evaluating and understanding the thermo-mechanical be-haviour of a titanium alloy under hot forming conditions. In this work, several considerations are ad-dressed. First, Scanning Electron Microscopy observations are performed to assess the evolutions of(α − β) phases, grain size, defects regarding the thermo-mechanical loadings from different static anddynamic tests (various temperatures and strain rates). Hence, the relationships between mechanicalproperties and micro-structure evolutions in such conditions allow a first assessment of the deforma-tion mechanisms in link with the macroscopic stress-strain curves. Afterwards, a behaviour modelformulation associated to an identification procedure of the parameters of the constitutive equationsis proposed. Finally, several tests performed under hot forming conditions and conducted on an in-dustrial press are compared to Finite Element calculations. Results are compared and provide someinteresting improvement ways in order to investigate the influence of the process parameters on thefinal shape of the part.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 838-839)

Edited by:

Eiichi Sato, Goroh Itoh, Yoshimasa Takayama, Koichi Kitazono, Koji Morita, Takaomi Itoi and Junya Kobayashi




V. Velay et al., "Hot Forming Process Analysis of Ti6Al-4V Alloy: Experiment, Behaviour Modelling and Finite Element Simulation", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 838-839, pp. 183-189, 2016

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January 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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