Modeling of Phase Transitions Kinetics in Systems with Two Interacting Order Parameters


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We present common 1D model of first order phase transition based on coupled solution of order parameters evolution and heat transfer equations. Such a model may be used for simulation of phase transitions in multiferroics or magnetostructural phase transitions, for example. First order phase transition process has been described by Landau-Khalatnikov-like equation with the thermodynamic potential of 2-3-4 and 2-4-6 types.



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Vasiliy Buchelnikov, Vladimir Sokolovskiy and Mikhail Zagrebin




D. A. Kuzmin et al., "Modeling of Phase Transitions Kinetics in Systems with Two Interacting Order Parameters", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 845, pp. 166-169, 2016

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March 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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