Search the Hard Magnetic Tetrataenite Phase in the Fragments of Chelyabinsk Meteorite


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Few Fe-Ni particles with composition close 50:50 were found by EDX and SEM investigations in the fragment of Chelyabinsk meteorite. These inclusions were extracted and magnetic domains were observed with the help of sol-gel method. No hard magnetic particles with tetragonal L10 crystal structure (tetrataenite) were detected.



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Vasiliy Buchelnikov, Vladimir Sokolovskiy and Mikhail Zagrebin




S. Taskaev et al., "Search the Hard Magnetic Tetrataenite Phase in the Fragments of Chelyabinsk Meteorite", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 845, pp. 265-268, 2016

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March 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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