The Effect of Plastic Deformation on Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties of Gd90Ga10 Alloy


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In this work we report the results of experimental investigation of the magnetocaloric effect in Gd90Ga10 cold rolled ribbons. A moderate entropy change ΔS = 3.5 J/(kg·K) and magnetocaloric effect ΔT = 3.4K was observed for the as-cast materials in an external magnetic field of 2T which is less by 35% in comparison with the pure gadolinium metal. It was found that a significant (up to 70%) depression of magnetization and magnetocaloric properties developed in the course of plastic deformation can be completely restored by means of a high temperature heat treatment.



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Vasiliy Buchelnikov, Vladimir Sokolovskiy and Mikhail Zagrebin




S. Taskaev et al., "The Effect of Plastic Deformation on Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties of Gd90Ga10 Alloy", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 845, pp. 56-60, 2016

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March 2016




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