Ferroelectric and Magnetic Domain Walls in High Temperature Multiferroic Films and Heterostructures


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In the last decade, considerable attention has been focused on the search of new multiferroic materials and the ways of improvement of their magnetoelectric properties. In this short review, we survey the progress in study of multiferroics focusing the high temperature multiferroic bismuth ferrite and rare earth iron garnets. We discuss the recent results of investigation of domain walls in multiferroics, concentrating the most important magnetoelectric manifestations (electric polarization and magnetization), and the pinning effect appearing as clamping of ferroelectric and magnetic domain walls.



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Vasiliy Buchelnikov, Vladimir Sokolovskiy and Mikhail Zagrebin




Z.V. Gareeva et al., "Ferroelectric and Magnetic Domain Walls in High Temperature Multiferroic Films and Heterostructures", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 845, pp. 7-12, 2016

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March 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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