Production and Further Processing of Flat Products

Volume 854

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mohamed Soliman, Heinz Palkowski

Abstract: Microstructure evolution and tensile properties were studied in a bainitic pipeline steel grade by performing a number of physical...

Authors: Christoph Heering, Kirill Tokmakov, Ingo Schuster

Abstract: Due to the exploration of gas and oil sources in remote regions with harsh environment, the pipe line designers are faced with the...

Authors: Anett Stöcker, Armin Franke, Harti Hermann, Rudolf Kawalla

Abstract: In this paper the microstructure evolution of an iron-silicon alloy with 3.2 wt.% silicon throughout the manufacturing stages hot rolling,...

Authors: Marion Bechtold, Marco Witte, Sascha Kluge

Abstract: In the scope of the optimization of multi phase steels, e.g. for the automotive industry, control of the microstructure is essential to...

Authors: Joachim Schöttler, Thorsten Maiwald, Gunnar Linke

Abstract: The production of hot-rolled sheets of high-strength and wear-resistant special structural steels by direct quenching from the rolling heat...

Authors: Michal Dziedzic, Stanislaw Turczyn, Zbigniew Kuzminski

Abstract: The paper focuses on experimental and numerical investigations of own designed, casted and then hot rolled martensitic steel. In order to...

Authors: Roberto Venturini, Paolo Daniele Avancini, Nicola Barbier, Alessandro Rizzi

Abstract: After 5 years from start-up, Arvedi ESP Technology has achieved outstanding performances in terms of production, products and quality. The...

Authors: Roland Hoppe, Gerrit Kurz, Dietmar Letzig

Abstract: Magnesium alloys containing rare earth elements have better properties in terms of of formability, strength and corrosion resistance. Due to...

Authors: Kristina Neh, Madlen Ullmann, Rudolf Kawalla

Abstract: Magnesium alloys containing rare earth elements offer excellent strength at room temperature as well as at elevated temperatures and are...


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