Developing Technologies of SiC Gas Source Growth Method


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In order to diffuse the use of SiC, mass-production technologies of SiC wafers are needed. It is easy to be understood that high-speed and long-sized growth technologies are connected directly with mass-production technologies. The gas source growth method such as HT-CVD has the possibilities and the potential of the high-speed and long-sized growth. In this article, it was clarified that the high growth rate were achieved by the control of the source gas partial pressures and by the gas boundary layers. The average growth rate was 1mm/h on the f4 inch-diameter crystal, and the maximum growth rate reached 3.6 mm/h on the 12.5x25 mm tetragon by the above gas control. The crystal qualities of the gas source methods were also evaluated the equivalent level in comparison with the sublimation method. Concerning the 1mm/h-growth f3 inch crystal, the densities of TSDs were kept in the 102 cm-2 levels from the seed to the upper-side of the ingot. Moreover, the ingot size increased year by year and a f4 inch x 43 mm sized ingot has been developed.



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Fabrizio Roccaforte, Francesco La Via, Roberta Nipoti, Danilo Crippa, Filippo Giannazzo and Mario Saggio




J. Kojima et al., "Developing Technologies of SiC Gas Source Growth Method", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 858, pp. 23-28, 2016

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May 2016




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