Physical Vapor Growth of Double Position Boundary Free, Quasi-Bulk 3C-SiC on High Quality 3C-SiC on Si CVD Templates


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We have developed and investigated the quasi-bulk crystal growth of 3C-SiC on transferred, high quality, CVD-grown templates using a sublimation sandwich related technique. The seeding layers were removed from the silicon carrier using a solution of hydrogen fluoride, nitric acid and water and glued to a substrate using carbon glue. The transferred layers were used as seeding material to grow high quality, single crystalline, DPBs free 3C-SiC crystals with thicknesses of up to 860 μm and a size of 18 x 20 mm. Analysis of the 3C-SiC layers was carried out using Laue measurement in back-reflecting geometry, Raman spectroscopy and optical microscopy.



Edited by:

Fabrizio Roccaforte, Francesco La Via, Roberta Nipoti, Danilo Crippa, Filippo Giannazzo and Mario Saggio






P. Schuh et al., "Physical Vapor Growth of Double Position Boundary Free, Quasi-Bulk 3C-SiC on High Quality 3C-SiC on Si CVD Templates", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 858, pp. 89-92, 2016

Online since:

May 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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