Anatase Type Titanium Dioxide Prepared by Oxidation of Titanium Carbide


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Titanium carbide has been attractive for years an engineering ceramics due to its high hardness, high melting point, and good chemical stability. Similarly, titanium dioxide has excellent anti-microbial ceramic material by photon energy. In this study, the anatase type titanium dioxide layer prepared by oxidation of the titanium carbide powder by high temperature oxidation in air atmosphere was investigated in order to determine the possibility of its photocatalyst materials by radiant energy. TiC powder samples of different grain size were gained by ball mill. These samples were oxidized at room temperature to high temperature. The samples exhibited a steady mass gain with increasing oxidation temperature. Based on the results of the X-ray diffraction analysis, anatase type TiO2 was detected on the titanium carbide samples. It is considered, the titanium carbide showed convension anatase type titanium dioxide layer produced by oxidation.



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J.J. Delaunay, J.H. Zhou and L. Lu




J. Matsushita et al., "Anatase Type Titanium Dioxide Prepared by Oxidation of Titanium Carbide", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 860, pp. 92-96, 2016

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July 2016




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