Novel Trends in Production Devices and Systems III

Volume 862

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Marek Vrabeľ, Ildikó Maňková, Peter Ižol, Mária Franková, Miroslav Paľo

Abstract: Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V represents one of the most frequently used alloys in medical as well as in aerospace industry and is considered as a...

Authors: Martin Eckstein, Marek Vrabeľ, Ildikó Maňková

Abstract: The paper focuses on tool wear and surface roughness indicators evaluation associated with hole making of nickel based super alloy Inconel...

Authors: Peter Ižol, Marek Vrabeľ, Ildikó Maňková

Abstract: The article deals with comparison and evaluation of the milling strategies that are available in CAM systems and are used to produce...

Authors: Michaela Samardžiová

Abstract: There is a difference in machining by the cutting tool with defined geometry and undefined geometry. That is one of the reasons of...

Authors: Ján Viňáš, Janette Brezinová, Miroslav Greš

Abstract: The paper deals with the tribological properties of investigated types of hard-faced materials at erosive wear process. Influence of...

Authors: Ján Viňáš, Miroslav Greš, Tomáš Vaško

Abstract: The paper presents the application of weld layers used in renovations of functional surfaces of components that are exposed to several...

Authors: Dana Stancekova, Dušan Steklac, Jana Petru, Tomas Zlamal, Marek Sadilek, Miroslav Janota, Marek Kordik

Abstract: Paper deals with identification of the main causes of deformations of the thin-walled bearings and comprehensive analysis of the causes of...

Authors: Jozef Ertel, Jozef Bárta, Milan Marônek, Jozef Bílik

Abstract: Application of beam welding methods for joining austenitic, duplex and other stainless steels is the right choice which not only lowers weld...

Authors: Vladimír Pata, Libuše Sýkorová, Milena Kubišová, Martina Malachova

Abstract: During of aluminum alloy materials, it is possible to find three surface types which can be distinguish as primary, secondary and tertiary...


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