Materials Science and Nanotechnology II

Volume 863

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ai Hui Liu, Bang Sheng Li

Abstract: The wettability between liquid Ti-50Al (at.%) (TiAl) and calcia-stabilized zirconia (ZrO2 (CaO)) in the gravity field and/or...

Authors: Peter Olegovich Rusinov, Zhesfina Michailovna Blednova

Abstract: The study contains a complex method of forming the surface-modified layers using materials with shape memory effect by high-speed gas-flame...

Authors: Mazyan Yahaya, Salhana Sahidin@Salehudin, Maheran Sulaiman, Nur Hidayatul Nadhirah Elmi Azham Shah, Muhammad Hussain Ismail

Abstract: The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of phase formation to the mechanical strength of Ti-Nb alloy produced by powder metallurgy...

Authors: G. Venkatesan, Veerappan Muthupandi, N. Ashok

Abstract: Dissimilar autogenous square butt joints between SA516Gr65 and 304L steels were produced by TIG welding and A-TIG welding with SiO2...

Authors: Ehab A. El-Danaf, Mahmoud Soliman, Magdy M. El Rayes

Abstract: 5083 Al alloy was friction stir processed (FSP) at room temperature under various experimental conditions. Two rotational speeds of 430 and...

Authors: Magdy M. El Rayes, Ehab A. El-Danaf, Abdulhakim A. Almajid

Abstract: Degradation of properties due to ageing at high temperature service is a common problem which normally occurs in electricity generation...

Authors: P.V. Satyanarayana, R. Sokkalingam, K. Sivaprasad, A.K. Mukherjee

Abstract: Tungsten heavy alloy of two different compositions (93W-4.0Ni-2.0Co-1.0Fe and 90W-6.1Ni-3.0Fe-0.5Co-0.4Mo in wt%) was synthesized in...

Authors: Wen Ming Chen, Sung Jae Lee, Peter Vee Sin Lee

Abstract: Porous metallic biomaterials produced using additive manufacturing technologies have gained popularity in orthopaedic implant applications....

Authors: S.J. Huang, S.V. Chertovskikh, V.I. Semenov, L.Sh. Shuster

Abstract: The conditions are substantiated for the loss of thermodynamic stability of a tribosystem and for its adaptation with a decreasing wear rate...


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