4th International Conference on Nano and Materials Engineering 2016

Volume 864

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.864

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Authors: Vladimir Tsepelev, Ondrej Zivotsky, Nadezhda Tsepeleva

Abstract: Taking into account the concept of the quasi-chemical model of the liquid micro-non-uniform composition and the research made on the...

Authors: Vladimir Tsepelev, Yuri Starodubtsev, Victor Konashkov

Abstract: The structure and physical properties of the...

Authors: Muljadi, Priyo Sardjono, Nenen Rusnaeni Djauhari, Suprapedi, Ramlan

Abstract: Hybrid bonded magnet Ba-Ferrite/NdFeB with 5% wt Epoxy Resin (ER) as polymer binder hsa been developed with variations in...

Authors: Priyo Sardjono, Muljadi, Suprapedi, Nenen Rusnaeni Djauhari

Abstract: The Nyodimium-Iron-Boron (Nd-Fe-B) based materials are known as the best type of magnetic materials and it contains a magnetic phase...

Authors: Ni Made Suaniti, I. Wayan Bandem Adnyana, Manuntun Manurung, Nadya Hartasiwi

Abstract: This Lauric acid is the most abundant fat in coconut oil, which can undergo an esterification and trans-esterification reactions to form...

Authors: Firman Kurniawansyah, Raffaella Mammucari, Neil R. Foster

Abstract: Supercritical CO2 is commonly used in the processing of natural products due to several advantageous factors such as...

Authors: Kimberly Rose L. Lagrama, Dexter Nielsen B. Restauro, Eduardo Magdaluyo Jr.

Abstract: Titanium-based alloys are among the most common materials implanted into the human body to permanently support or replace injured or...

Authors: Alfirano

Abstract: Pin-on-disk wear test using Co-Cr-Mo-C-N-Si-Mn cast alloy pins and alumina disks was conducted in Kokubo and 1mass% lactic acid solutions....

Authors: Nur Afifah, Rosari Saleh

Abstract: The applicability of LaMnO3 perovskite as nanocatalyst was investigated for removing of methylene blue as a model compound of...

Authors: Ardiansyah Taufik, Rosari Saleh

Abstract: The magnetic Fe3O4-nanographene platelets (Fe3O4–NGP) platelets composites with various...


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