4th International Conference on Nano and Materials Engineering 2016

Volume 864

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.864

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Authors: Rinlee Butch M. Cervera, Emie A. Salamangkit-Mirasol

Abstract: Rice hull or rice husk (RH) is an agricultural waste obtained from milling rice grains. Since RH has no commercial value and is difficult to...

Authors: Hesni Shabrany, Hendry Tju, Ardiansyah Taufik, Rosari Saleh

Abstract: This paper discusses the catalytic activity of ZnO/CuO/nanographene platelets composites under visible light and ultrasound irradiation...

Authors: Astrid Ayla E. Liberato, Jarevic P. Cayabyab, Ma. Shanlene D.C. Dela Vega

Abstract: The contamination of water by heavy metals is still a continuing threat to the surrounding environment and to the lives of those exposed to...

Authors: Ardiansyah Taufik, Shofianina Djalaluidin, Rosari Saleh

Abstract: Magnetic heterogeneous Fe3O4/TiO2/CuO catalyst were synthesized using sol-gel method. The molar ratio of...

Authors: Ariane Michelle Agulto, Jeanne Ranny De Guzman, John Kenneth Cruz, Leslie Joy Diaz

Abstract: Adsorption of metal ions proves to be an effective method in treating wastewater due to its simplicity and flexibility in terms of...

Authors: Muhammad Aamir Hassan, Muhammad Mujahid, Lydia Helena Wong

Abstract: The performance of copper indium gallium disulfoselenide (CIGSSe) solar cells strongly depends on the band bap of absorbing layer of CIGSSe....

Authors: Muhammad Imran Ahmed, Amir Habib, Zakir Hussain, Amir Khalid

Abstract: Organo-metallic lead halide based solar cells have ushered in a new era of research in renewable energy technologies. Solution processing...

Authors: Mariya Al Qibtiya, Eka Cahya Prima, Brian Yuliarto, Suyatman

Abstract: Natural dyes extracted from black rice are used as sensitizer for dye sensitized solar cell. The anthocyanin extracted with various pH in...

Authors: Christin Rina Ratri, Qolby Sabrina

Abstract: Solid polymer electrolyte with PVdF polymer and LiBOB salt has been prepared with doctor blade method. To improve the membrane ionic...

Authors: Shahizat Amir, N.S. Mohamed, Siti Aishah Hashim Ali, Shahrul Amir

Abstract: This work contributes to the melioration of the modeling and simulation of laboratory cultured fractals using poly (vinylidene...


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