Binders, Materials and Technologies in Modern Construction II

Volume 865

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Theodor Staněk

Abstract: Paper is aimed at study of preparation possibilities of cementitious binders with waste diatomaceous earth. In the first step, the influence...

Authors: Kateryna Pushkarova, Maryna Sukhanevych, Artur Martsikh

Abstract: One of the most important problem of concrete durability is increasing of waterproofing. Researches are devoted studying of cement mortars...

Authors: Martin Ťažký, Rudolf Hela

Abstract: Use of fluidized bed combustion fly ash as an admixture for manufacture of cement based composite materials is not quite common now,...

Authors: Martin Bohac, Radoslav Novotný

Abstract: Paper describes a new way how to characterize early hydration and setting of Portland cement pastes with various dosages of setting...

Authors: Jana Zahalkova, Pavla Rovnanikova

Abstract: The article is focused on study of the effect of filtering diatomite as a partial replacement of cement in an amount of 5-30%. Diatomite is...

Authors: Iveta Hájková, Karel Dvořák, Dominik Gazdič, Marcela Fridrichová

Abstract: The work aims to study the behaviour of blended cement with fluidized filter ash (FFA) considering to formation of the increased proportion...

Authors: Jitka Hroudová, Jiří Zach, Martin Sedlmajer, Ester Helanová

Abstract: Good thermal insulation properties of the surface structures lead to reduction of heat losses in buildings. This reduces the energy required...

Authors: Barbora Fialová, Pavel Rovnaník

Abstract: Alkali-activated slag has a higher resistance against exposure to high temperature compared to ordinary Portland cement concrete....

Authors: Ján Fleischhacker, Ester Helanová, Rostislav Drochytka

Abstract: Tobermorite is the main mineral which provides to aerated concrete mechanical properties. It is produces during hydrothermal conditions by...


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