2016 the First International Conference on Civil Engineering and Materials Science

Volume 866

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.866

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Authors: Christian Mark Pelicano, Francis M. Mulimbayan

Abstract: Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticleswere successfully synthesized by chemical precipitation method at different hydroxyl concentrations. The...

Authors: Jenichi Clairvaux Felizco, Francis M. Mulimbayan

Abstract: Unique urchin-like CuO nanostructures were successfully synthesized by a simple chemical bath deposition method at low temperature of 70°C...

Authors: Bandu Madhukar Kale, Jakub Wiener, Samson Rwawiire, Jiří Militký

Abstract: Cellulose and TiO2 nanoparticles were coated on the surface of cotton fabric for photocatalytic self-cleaning....

Authors: Sevil Yücel, Burcu Karakuzu, Pınar Terzioğlu, Tülay Merve Temel

Abstract: In the present paper, water glass was used to synthesize silica aerogels and calcium magnesium silica aerogels. The present research was...

Authors: Yoke Meng Tan, Chou Yong Tan, Singh Ramesh, Yee Ching Teh, Boon Kar Yap

Abstract: The effect of microwave sintering on the densification of forsterite ceramic was investigated. Forsterite powder was prepared via...

Authors: Jung Han Song, J.S. Park, C.A. Lee, H.Y. Kim, W.H. Choi

Abstract: The identification of the material models which are used in the finite element analysis for the forming operation and springback are very...

Authors: Francis M. Mulimbayan, Manolo G. Mena

Abstract: The pitting corrosion behavior of AISI 202 stainless steel (SS) – a low-nickel, austenitic SS grade, was investigated by means of cyclic...

Authors: Sun Ho Jung, S. Lee, J. Lee

Abstract: Band structures with pearlite and ferrite aligned as stripes can be created during the heat treatment of carbon steel. Since band structures...

Authors: Samson Rwawiire, Blanka Tomkova, Jiří Militký, Lubos Hes, Bandu Madhukar Kale, Abdul Jabbar

Abstract: The desire to mitigate climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions has led to the exploration of plant fibers as alternative materials...

Authors: Teik Cheng Lim

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of the speed of plane waves of dilatation, in which the impacted end is sustained so as to maintain...


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