Metallurgy Technology and Materials IV

Volume 867

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chun Sheng Ma, Hai Long Fu, Hao Li, Xiao Luo, Yang Li, Yong Zhou

Abstract: This Magnesium (Mg) alloys have been increasingly used in the automotive industry due to their superior mechanical properties compared with...

Authors: Xiang Wang, Xiao Long Li, Han Jun Yin, Li Quan Wang, Hai Xia Gong

Abstract: In this paper, first, based on the employing environment and properties requirement of offshore platform, the influence of various alloying...

Authors: Supakit Vongcharoenpon, Somjai Janudom, Thawatchai Plookphol

Abstract: This work reports the result of heat treatment on microstructures and mechanical property of ZA-27 zinc alloy gear part produced by a slurry...

Authors: Itsaree Iewkitthayakorn, Somjai Janudom, Narissara Mahathaninwong

Abstract: This research focused on the effect of solution heat treated microstructures on anodic oxide formations of casting 7075 Al alloy. The...

Authors: Shi Peng Ruan, Ai Min Zhao, Yong Chao Li, Ming Yi Guo, Zhao Yong Song

Abstract: The effect of B and Cr on hardenability in 0.33% C cold heading steel was studied. The results show that the hardenability enhanced from...

Authors: Liang Liang Han, Lin Jing, Hua Cheng Wei, Yao Zhou Yan

Abstract: The dynamic compressive mechanical behavior of railway wheel steel at room temperature was investigated experimentally for strain rates up...

Authors: Qiang Wu, Jing Jie Guo, Yu Bin Wu

Abstract: The modifiers of nano-SiC and nano-TiN were added into the melt of ZGMn13Cr2 alloy, respectively. The effect of the additions on the...

Authors: Aye Thant Htoo, Yukio Miyashita, Yuichi Otsuka, Yoshiharu Mutoh, Shigeo Sakurai

Abstract: Notch fatigue behavior of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy has been investigated under a load-controlled high cycle fatigue test. The S-N curve was...

Authors: Ji Lin Chen, Guo Hui Zhu, Jian Zhang, Yong Gang Liu, Hong Bo Pan

Abstract: A new continuous annealing process which can eliminate the "band" feature of dual phase steels has been designed. The sheets were annealed...


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