Multi-Elements Doped in Mn-Ferrite by Detonation Method


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In the present research, a kind of special emulsions explosive was prepared with taking Ferric nitrate and Manganese nitrate as main oxidants and composite oil as fuel, in which the Magnesium and zinc elements were added and doped in Mn ferrites. The results of which were compared by that of detonation of gas (Hydrogen and oxygen). Results indicated that the detonation products were the same structure, i.e. Jacobsite structure. That is to say, Magnesium and zinc elements were successfully doped in MnFe2O4 crystals. TEM indicated that the powders were spherical and average size was about 20~30nm. The product that obtained by gas detonation was better dispersed and worse uniform than that by explosive. Zn and high content Mg both had great effect on the stability and detonation properties of the explosive, which could produce impurities in detonation products.



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Zawati Harun




X. H. Wang et al., "Multi-Elements Doped in Mn-Ferrite by Detonation Method", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 867, pp. 98-102, 2016

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August 2016




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