Determining the Content of Toxic Substances in Panels from Pruning Acacia mangium Willd


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The objective of this study was to determine the content of free formaldehyde contained in panels of Acacia mangium clippings. The results of the analysis show that the best temperature for a Hantzschen reaction is 60°C. The panels had a linear behavior over the course of the exposure time (168 hours), whereas samples with a lower surface area showed linearity starting at 72 hours. Thus, it is possible to quantify the emission of formaldehyde panels, thereby supporting research to create measures that minimize its release.



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Carlos Roberto Grandini




J. S. Nery de Souza et al., "Determining the Content of Toxic Substances in Panels from Pruning Acacia mangium Willd", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 869, pp. 102-105, 2016

Online since:

August 2016




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