Materials Engineering and Technologies for Production and Processing II

Volume 870

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: V.V. Zimich

Abstract: A promising mode of magnesia binder use in construction is dry building mixtures production. Depending on purpose they can be self-leveling,...

Authors: F. Ismagilov, V. Vavilov, D. Farrakhov

Abstract: The article addresses the issue of improving the accuracy of power electromechanical systems design. The performance of power...

Authors: Maria A. Vasilyeva

Abstract: The article analyzes the promising polymeric materials to be used as a template in the manufacture of magnetoactive elastomers (MAEs). MAEs...

Authors: N.A. Shaburova, T.D. Ratmanov, D.D. Larionov

Abstract: The process of dimensional fused silica etching was offered. The production process of molycoat by magnetron sputtering of molybdenum target...

Authors: A.G. Tiagunov, V.S. Tsepelev, G.V. Tiagunov

Abstract: The scientific interest in amorphous and nanocrystalline materials is associated with the expectation of different structural and size...

Authors: M.A. Matveeva, I.V. Chumanov

Abstract: The paper presents a method for increasing stainless steel 04Cr25Ni6NMo3 corrosion-resistant properties. An increased corrosion resistance...

Authors: Sergey Nevskii, V. Sarychev, Sergey V. Konovalov, D. Kosinov, Irina Komissarova

Abstract: The paper presents a thermoconcentration and capillary mathematical model, describing the formation of 10 to 100 nm structures in the...

Authors: O.I. Shavrin, A.N. Skvortsov

Abstract: The paper considers the problem of nanostructured strengthening of spring steels and springs, the idea of steel nanostructured strengthening...

Authors: S.I. Yaresko

Abstract: The performed studies of the application features of the cutting tool, hardened by laser pulsed radiation are based on the comprehensive...


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