Peculiarities of Forming of the Wear-Resistant Cast Iron Coating Structure on Steel 45 upon Plasma-Powder Surfacing


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The paper studied the structure of the deposited coating formed on the 45 steel upon a plasma-powder surfacing wear-resistant white cast iron. It also described the effect of surfacing conditions and other technological influences on the weld pool during surfacing - current modulation, rapid cooling of the weld beads by blowing air and the rapid cooling of the flowing water of the substrate.



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Prof. Andrey Radionov, G.G. Mikhailov and D.A. Vinnik




S.P. Nefedyev et al., "Peculiarities of Forming of the Wear-Resistant Cast Iron Coating Structure on Steel 45 upon Plasma-Powder Surfacing", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 870, pp. 141-148, 2016

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September 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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