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Authors: Bo Wang, Zhen Yu Zhang, Neng Dong Duan, Ji Lei Lyu, Guo Xin Chen, Zhi Heng You, Zhi Feng Shi, Si Ling Huang
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:In this study, nanotwinned surface is fabricated on a Nickel alloy by means of a developed diamond panel with tips array. The diamond panel...
Authors: Pei Qi Ge, Wen Bo Bi, Meng Ran Ge, Yang Jiao, Chang Hou Lu
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:KDP (KH2PO4) crystal is a kind of excellent nonlinear optical crystals, which has been widely used in nonlinear optical...
Authors: Xiao Shuang Rao, Fei Hu Zhang, Chen Li
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:With some conductivity and low grinding affectivity, a hybrid machining process termed electrical discharge diamond grinding (EDDG) is...
Authors: Berend Denkena, Thilo Grove, Lukas Tatzig
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:Wire sawing with diamond tools is a highly flexible cut-off grinding process with regard to machinable component structure and composition....
Authors: Berend Denkena, Thilo Grove, Jan Harmes
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:The grinding of riblets with multiple profiled grinding wheels is an efficient method to minimize the fluid friction on surfaces. In turbo...
Authors: Yuma Obayashi, Urara Satake, Toshiyuki Enomoto
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:With the ever-growing demand for further increase in the integration density of semiconductor devices, silicon wafers as the substrates for...
Authors: Tatsuki Ikari, Hidetake Tanaka, Naoki Asakawa
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:Currently, 3D printing has been attracting attention as a new method of prototyping and manufacturing. However, in the case of molding of the...
Authors: Eiji Kondo, Daisuke Goto, Yuki Nishimura, Mitsuhiro Nakao
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:As titanium alloys have a high strength-to-weight ratio and superior corrosion resistance, they are widely used in the aerospace, biomedical,...
Authors: Su Yan Zhang, Zhi Qiang Liang, Xi Bin Wang, Tian Feng Zhou, Li Jiao, Pei Yan
Chapter 1: Abrasive Machining
Abstract:Drill flute has a great influence on the drilling performance of micro-drill, and its profile largely depends on the grinding parameters,...
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