Study on Influential Factors of Grinding Surface Residual Stress in Dry for Controlling Workpiece Surface Integrity


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Surface integrity of workpiece, especially residual stress, has the significant effects on the precision, the reliability and the fatigue life of the mechanical products. Since the most of final surface integrity of workpiece depends on the grinding process in engineering, this paper analyzed the ground surface residual stress through simulation and experiment. Based on the finite element model, the coupling of thermal mechanical field of plane grinding was simulated. The effects of grinding parameters on residual stress were studied compared to the experiment results. In addition, some measures for reducing the residual tensile stress of workpiece surface in the grinding process were put forwarded.



Edited by:

Peter Krajnik, Amir Rashid, Hideki Aoyama, Xipeng Xu, Jun Wang




X. M. Zhang et al., "Study on Influential Factors of Grinding Surface Residual Stress in Dry for Controlling Workpiece Surface Integrity", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 874, pp. 362-367, 2016

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October 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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