Advanced Functional Materials: Properties and Applications, Vol. II

Volume 875

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Arush Sharma, Gaurav Sharma, Amit Kumar, Zia Mahmood Siddiqi, Gaurav Sharma

Abstract: In this study, Cornulaca monacantha stem (CMS) has been used for the preparation of highly competent, ecofriendly and low-cost...

Authors: Mohammad Mujahid Ali Khan, Mu. Naushad

Abstract: The inorganic-organic hybrid composite membranes have played a rocking role for separation, concentration, purification and clarification of...

Authors: Ming Guo Ma, Shan Liu, Lian Hua Fu

Abstract: CaCO3 has six polymorphs such as vaterite, aragonite, calcite, amorphous, crystalline monohydrate, and hexahydrate...

Authors: Ranjana Das, Himadri Sekhar Samanta, Chiranjib Bhattacharjee

Abstract: A ‘biomaterial’, recognizes some materials for biomedical applications like replacement of living system and wound stressing. ‘Biomaterials’...

Authors: Singan Grace, Kang Chiang Liew

Abstract: Starch is the most important polysaccharide and has become the major component of many food industries as well as textile, paper, cosmetic...

Authors: S.J.A. Rizvi

Abstract: The microcellular injection molding technology, commercially offered by Trexel Inc. and other manufacturers, is primarily a close cell...

Authors: Arantzazu Valdés García, María del Carmen Garrigós Selva

Abstract: Growing interest in biomass valorisation in recent years has led to an increasing research focusing on its high content in phytochemicals...

Authors: Mohammad Mujahid Ali Khan, Anish Khan

Abstract: The chemical and mechanical stability of membrane play a important role for understanding the mechanism and applications of cobalt tungstate...

Authors: Deeba Khanam

Abstract: Contraception means interference in the process of ovulation, fertilization or implantation. This is an old practice and dates back to...


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