Innovative Methods in Machining and Advanced Materials

Volume 876

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Steffen Nowotny, Tatiana Vasilievna Tarasova, Anastasia Aleksandrovna Filatova, Evgenia Yurievna Dolzhikova

Abstract: This work considers the possibilities of using static analysis and scanning electron microscopy techniques to determine the properties of...

Authors: Sergey Nikolaevich Grigoriev, Mikhail Pavlovich Kozochkin, Artur Nikolaevich Porvatov, Nestor Washington Solis Pinargote

Abstract: The results of vibration signals control the processing of conductive ceramics EDM machines. It has been shown that the processing of...

Authors: Abdumalik Rakhimovich Seitkulov, Sergey Nikolaevich Grigoriev, Alexander Sergeevich Metel, Marina Aleksandrovna Volosova, Yury Andreevich Melnik

Abstract: For deposition of hard coatings is used a source of metal atoms accompanied by high-energy gas atoms. The metal atoms are produced due to...

Authors: Mariuch Jenek, Sergey Voldemarovich Fedorov, Min Htet Swe

Abstract: The experimental results prove the ability to produce layers modified by microalloying with electron-beam technology using wide range of...

Authors: Sergey Nikolaevich Grigoriev, Mikhail Pavlovich Kozochkin, Artur Nikolaevich Porvatov

Abstract: The results of the research of vibro-acoustic signals, accompanying the processes of electrical discharge machining and pulsed laser...

Authors: Ramon Torrecillas San Millan, Anton Evgenievich Seleznev, Vladimir Dmitrievich Gurin, Pavel Yurievich Peretyagin

Abstract: This work studies wear kinetics of index able inserts (II) made of mixed ceramics based on Russian-manufactured in case of fine milling of...

Authors: Mikhail Pavlovich Kozochkin, Marina Aleksandrovna Volosova, Dmitry Gennadievich Allenov

Abstract: This paper studies the computing possibilities of estimating the deformation of the surface layer in machining of details with cutting tools...

Authors: Andre D.L. Batako, Anatoliy Matveevich Adaskin, Victor Nikolaevich Butrim, Alexey Anatolevich Vereschaka, Anatoliy Stepanovich Vereschaka

Abstract: Thispaper presents the results of the studies of the combined influence of properties of carbide substrate and composite coatings on tool...

Authors: Tadeusz Zaborowski, Leonid Efraimovich Shvartsburg, Stanislav Gennadyevich Konov

Abstract: An approach to implementation of spatial navigation based on photogrammetry principles is proposed. A prototype of a tracking navigation...


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