Supersaturation Behavior of Al Solid Solutions and its Effect on Tensile Property in Al-7Si-xMg Alloys during Solution Heat Treatment (x: 0.4 and 0.8 Mass%)


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Supersaturation behavior of Al solid solutions and its effect on tensile property in Al-7Si-0.4Mg and Al-7Si-0.8Mg alloys during solution heat treatment were investigated in this study. As a result of Mg solubility measurement for Al solid solitions after solution heat treatment for 6 hrs by electron probe micro analyzer (EPMA)-wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (WDS), Al-7Si-0.8Mg alloy had the higher Mg solubility, about 0.55 mass%, corresponding to that of Al-Si-Mg ternary phase diagram. From the tensile test, Al-7Si-0.8Mg alloy showed the improved strength and similar elongation to that of Al-7Si-0.4Mg alloy.



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Qing Liu, Jian-Feng Nie, Robert Sanders, Zhihong Jia and Lingfei Cao




S. H. Ha et al., "Supersaturation Behavior of Al Solid Solutions and its Effect on Tensile Property in Al-7Si-xMg Alloys during Solution Heat Treatment (x: 0.4 and 0.8 Mass%)", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 877, pp. 73-77, 2017

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November 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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