The 15th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys

Volume 877

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Liu, Zhong Cai Qiu, Qin Yang, Ke Wang, Xian He Wu

Abstract: An aluminium cross car beam (CCB) for new energy is designed with CATIA. And then,modal analysis is taken by using simulation...

Authors: Dong Zhi Sun, Michael Krawiec, Hariaokto Hooputra

Abstract: The damage behavior of aluminum profiles depends strongly on the stress state. Many investigations have shown that both ductile and shear...

Authors: Florence Andrieux, Dong Zhi Sun, Andreas Burblies

Abstract: Aluminum die casting components are widely used in vehicle constructions because they satisfy the conflicting requirements between weight...

Authors: W. Mao

Abstract: Many efforts have been made to simulate the rolling texture evolution in polycrystalline Al for which strain and stress equilibrium of...

Authors: Olaf Engler, Ole Runar Myhr

Abstract: During processing of age-hardenable AA 6xxx series alloys for automotive applications the sheets may experience significant time spans...


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