The 15th International Conference on Aluminium Alloys

Volume 877

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Xue, Hui Song, Chang Bing Zhou, Xiao Jiao Wang, Wen Qing Liu

Abstract: As-cast Al-Sc alloys and Zr-containing Al-Sc-Zr alloys were aged at 300°C for different times, the Al-Sc-Zr alloy showed more excellent...

Authors: Wei Jun He, Chun Hong Li, Zhi Qiang Li, Bai Feng Luan, Qing Liu

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes reinforced aluminum alloy (CNTs/Al alloy) composite was fabricated by the method of flake powder metallurgy. With...

Authors: Sergey Betsofen, Vladislav Antipov, Maxim Knyazev, Margarita Dolgova

Abstract: A quantitative approach to the determination of the phase composition in the Al-Mg (Cu)-Li alloys has been developed on the basis of the...

Authors: Qian Ning Guo, Xiu Chuan Lei, Robert E. Sanders Jr, Xiao Fang Yang, Yan Xiang Liang, Lu Wang, Zhen Zhen Fan

Abstract: Alloy 5182 has been extensively used in the O temper for automotive sheet parts requiring high formability and moderate strength. The grain...

Authors: Jie Ke Ren, Zhi Guo Chen, Ji Qiang Chen, Shuai Feng, Jing Peng

Abstract: A novel thermomechanical treatment (TMT) was proposed for increasing the strength of 6156 aluminum alloy while maintaining a high...

Authors: Hiroki Tanaka, Yasunori Nagai

Abstract: Thermal stability of substructures in 6000 series aluminum alloys containing Mn and Zr elements was investigated using plane-strain...

Authors: Sergey Betsofen, Vladislav Antipov, Maxim Knyazev, Margarita Dolgova

Abstract: Phase composition, texture and mechanical properties of plates 80 mm thick from Al-2.8Cu-1.7Li-0.5Mg-0.5Zn-0.1Zr-0.06Sc alloy were...

Authors: Wei Chen, Pi Zhi Zhao, Yu Li Zhou, Yan Feng Pan

Abstract: AA8021 aluminum alloy twin-roll cast strips with 7mm gauge were rolled to 3.8mm gauge sheets and given homogenization, further rolled into...

Authors: Jun Tai Lu, Hui Huang, Hao Wu, Sheng Ping Wen, Kun Yuan Gao, Zuo Ren Nie

Abstract: Effect of solution treatment on the properties and microstructural evolution of Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Er-Zr alloy was investigated by hardness test,...

Authors: Tong Hui Liu, Sheng Ping Wen, Xiao Lan Wu, Kun Yuan Gao, Hui Huang, W. Wang, Zuo Ren Nie

Abstract: To investigate the effect of cold-rolling and aging on precipitation and recrystallization behavior of Al-0.04Er-0.08Zr (at. %) alloy, two...


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