Advanced Materials Design and Mechanics IV

Volume 878

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Qi Hu, Hong Tao Chen, Ming Yu Li

Abstract: A novel solder bonding material for high-temperature applications based on Cu@Sn core-shell structured particles was developed, and the...

Authors: Qi Wen Zhao, Lian Fa Yang

Abstract: Forming limit is one of the important indexes to evaluate the formability of materials. In a variety of methods of evaluating the...

Authors: Giuliano Gillo

Abstract: In this paper the hot behaviour of AA2017 aluminium alloy sheet was analyzed through gas blow forming tests. The material, heated and kept...

Authors: Shao Bo Liu, Cheng Yi, Hong Ying Xia, Feng Zhao

Abstract: A three-coordinateopper (I) complex supported by N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligand and bis [2-(diphenylphosphino) phenyl] ether (POP)...

Authors: Gui Cheng Wang, Bin Jiao, Jun Feng Zou, Hong Jie Pei

Abstract: The grind-hardening test of 42CrMo steel was carried out on a forming grinding machine. The macrostructure, microstructures, micro-hardness...

Authors: Xin Hai Zhao, Dan Dan Liu, Xing Hui Wang, Xiang Hong Wu

Abstract: In this paper, the optimization of the parameters of the isothermal forging technology to form spur bevel gear was studied. The goal of the...

Authors: Xin Hong Xiong, Hong Tao Li, Jian Kang Cai, Guo Xian Wang, Qiao Xin Zhang

Abstract: This paper addresses the collective effects of aging treatment and addition of SiC particles (SiCp) on both the compression performance and...

Authors: Xiao Ding, Xiang Li

Abstract: This paper studies the microstructure of welded joints of Q345R/304 stainless steel clad plates after high temperature ageing. E309Nb...

Authors: Yu Hong Yan, Jian Wei Liu, Zhi Hong Jia, Sheng Qiu, Zhen Guo, Ke Liu, Ao Lin Ma, Liang Xu

Abstract: Optimization design and simulation of the spiral selector in the process of single crystal preparation were studied. Based on the analysis...


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