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Authors: Majid Reza Ayatollahi, Seyed Mohammad Javad Razavi, Christof Sommitsch, Christian Moser
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:Drilling holes in the vicinity of the crack tip turns the crack into a notch and reduces the crack tip stress intensity factor. In this...
Authors: Wolfgang Bleck, Wen Wen Song, Alexander Zimmermann
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:Al containing intermetallic phases have been evaluated in various bcc and fcc steels. Attractive application options have been derived for...
Authors: M. Jeandin, F. Borit, N. Fabrègue, G. Rolland, F. Delloro
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:“Art is everywhere” to quote Ben, a renowned French contemporary artist. However, there are some areas in which art is more prevalent....
Authors: John J. Jonas, Clodualdo Aranas Jr., Samuel F. Rodrigues, In Ho Jung
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:Torsion simulations were carried out of both plate (long interpass times) and strip (short interpass times) rolling. Both isothermal and...
Authors: Rustam Kaibyshev, Roman Mishnev, Alexandra Fedoseeva, Nadezhda Dudova
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:Tempered martensite lath structure (TMLS) plays a vital role in creep resistance of high chromium martensitic steels. Under creep conditions...
Authors: Megumi Kawasaki, Jae Il Jang, Byung Min Ahn, Terence G. Langdon
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:The processing of metals through the application of high-pressure torsion (HPT) provides the potential for achieving exceptional grain...
Authors: Megumi Kawasaki, Roberto B. Figueiredo, Terence G. Langdon
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:Magnesium alloys with refined grain structure are often superplastic at elevated temperatures with maximum elongations up to more than 1000%....
Authors: Fumiyoshi Minami, Mitsuru Ohata, Yasuhito Takashima
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:As the result of the international standardization work in Japanese IST project, ISO 27306 were published in 2009 for correction of CTOD...
Authors: Brajendra Mishra, A. Chaudhry, Vikas Mittal
Chapter 1: Keynote Papers
Abstract:This study deals with the evaluation of self-healing ability of conducting polymer corresponding to a corrosion process. Poly ortho-anisidine...
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