Microstructural Modification of Non-Combustible Magnesium Alloy by Friction Stir Processing


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The microstructure of non-combustible magnesium alloy, AMX602, was modified by friction stir processing (FSP) at the tool rotational speed of 800 rpm and traveling speed of 300 mm/min. In the microstructure of the as-extruded material, some intermetallic compounds (IMCs), Al2Ca and Al-Mn, inhomogeneously distributed in the matrix. The inhomogeneity was dependent on the extruding condition. The largest size of IMCs was a few tens microns. By FSP, large IMCs were broken up, and fine IMCs were uniformly dispersed in the matrix. Furthermore, grain refinement occurred due to dynamic recrystallization.



Edited by:

Mohd Hamdi Abdul Shukor and Hao Gong




A. Afrinaldi et al., "Microstructural Modification of Non-Combustible Magnesium Alloy by Friction Stir Processing", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 880, pp. 25-28, 2017

Online since:

November 2016




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